Friday, February 6, 2009

House of Dimes

1815 W Jefferson Blvd

This tiny restaurant has tiny hours, only three days per week: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday from 11-7pm. Inside there's a small counter and a limited menu of yumminess. The only veggie item available is the vegetarian taco, so I had two. I think the tortillas might have been fried first or something. Unlike tacos I've eaten before, but delicious nonetheless. My dining partner ordered a turkey burger, which he devoured voraciously and claimed was excellent. Then one of our neighbors came in for a turkey burger. It's the kind of place you might run into someone you know in, so be prepared. Super friendly, just tacos, burgers and chili on the menu, and drinks in cans from the fridge.

House of Dimes is still run by the same family who opened it 39 years ago. It's near the corner of Western and Jefferson, on the northwest side. You've probably driven by a hundred times and wondered what's up with that place. Now go try it out!


LB said...

Oh yes, I went to House of Dimes, on Thursday and now I like it, too.
Anyone know the story of the name "House of Dimes?"
Please note, though, no side dishes - no potato salad or fries or coleslaw.
I investigated further, and had a hamburger at House of Dimes and then one at the "Best Burger" just south on Western. House of Dimes! - a better burger and much nicer place.

Lisa said...

hello I actually know why they call it a House of Dimes. My mom use to work there. Actually that is where my mom and dad met, fell in love and got married. So I have to thank House of Dimes for being here. Anyway, back in the day the prices would a taco for 4 dimes or for 5 dimes etc. as the prices went up.

clifford said...

The House of Dimes first opened in the early 1940s. Mr. Bertram was the original owner. The cost of his menu items were priced in dimes; hence the name, House of Dimes. I was just a kid when I'd go there with my family for lunch or dinner. They had delicious burgers, hot dogs and chili, but their most popular and best menu item was their Indian taco. Fresh corn tortillas fried in oil on the grille, then filled with tasty, seasoned ground beef. When the tacos were crispy, they top them with lots of cheese and lettuce (no tomatoes). My sister used to work there and had the taco meat recipe. On her days off, she'd often make Indian tacos right at home. Now, I have the recipe and so do my daughters, and those original House of Dimes Indian tacos will delight our family's taste buds for many more years to come.