Thursday, January 22, 2009

Harold and Belles

2920 W. Jefferson Blvd, around 10th Ave
(323) 735-9023
Very local and absolutely the best - Harold and Belles should be visited and celebrated by all 90018 locals.
After living here almost 8 years, I finally went to H and Bs and then I had to go again almost immediately. Anybody want to go check it out, I will be glad to join you.
Yes, the food will kill you. But what a great way to go.
The food is Louisiana/New Orleans/Southern. Crawfish and shrimp and gumbo and oysters (and chicken and steak) in many delicious dishes.
I heartily recommend the popcorn crawfish as an appetizer. Entrees? Especially, the crawfish etouffee.
Nice bar, too.
Good service and comfortable tables - easy to have a relaxing dinner and talk and talk and talk.
Expensive - entrees are $25 -$30 and you will probably want to have drinks and apppetizers and the ammazing bread pudding with hard sauce for dessert, so the bill will be high.

Laissez Les Bon Temp Roule

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Lisa said...

ooh that sounds so yummy. Next time I feel like de-railing the vegan train and making myself feel ill for three or four days, I know where to go!
Or maybe just for a drink and some snacks a the bar....