Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mayura Amrit

1277 West Jefferson Blvd, 90007
323 766 9775
See the updated post above
On the north side of the street, in a mini mall very close to USC, this new Indian place showed up a couple of weeks ago. I noticed it when I was riding past, and I dragged Louis and Adam over to check it out for lunch. Turns out it's the new venture from the folks who run Mayura restaurant over in Culver City. We've been there before, and it's pretty good, so very nice to have a branch nearby.
The restaurant was furnished in China-style, since it had taken over the premises of China Bowl. A lot of buddhas everywhere. There was a steam table with a fewIndian entrees, and a kitchen could make other items.
Louis and Adam had some premade food, which they said was delicious. There weren't very many choices for vegetarians that were there, so I had a big pancakey thing from the kitchen which was pretty good, but I think I ordered the wrong thing. It wasn't really spicy enough for me.
I rode by the other day and the place was already closed. I was disappointed until I got closer and saw the small taped sign which said the restaurant was closed for remodeling until August 2. I'm hoping the steam table will be fuller with veg options when they reopen- perhaps they were just testing the waters when we were there.
Stay tuned!