Friday, August 8, 2008

Eastside Market

The Eastside Market Italian deli was established in 1974, and does a lunch only business. The menu is delightfully simple: four kinds of salad, a soup of the day, a fruit bowl, a lasagna or pasta (on Tuesday or Thursdays only), and 22 sandwich choices (8 hot, 13 cold). I forever alternate between hot sandwich choices #1 and #2: Italian sausage with cooked peppers and cheese (smothered in a thick tomato sauce), or Italian meatball (with same), served on Italian rolls.

There's plenty of seating, filled with downtown suits, police, firefighters, and delivery personnel. The atmosphere is collegial, with many watching ESPN telecasts, or day baseball. The sandwiches are "dos manos" in size, most costing $6.70. (Credit cards are accepted.)

East Side Market
Italian Deli
1013 Alpine Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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LB said...

Ohyeah, Eastside Market
This place reminds me a lot of the sort of lunch place you can find east coast and rarely find in California.
Eastside market would be right at home in Paoli PA, or Campden NJ.