Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Does anybody read this anymore.  Add a comment if you do.
And if you do, I want to be sure you know about two new places on Crenshaw:
1) Maverick's Flat.  On Crenshaw, just south of the Baldwin Hills Mall,  4225 Crenshaw Boulevard
Dance Club 1st floor where people dress nice. Dining room 2nd floor.  Super excellent food.  Really super excellent food.  Southern American food.  I've been there a few times for dinner, next I want to go for weekend brunch.
2) Post and Beam.  Pretty good, locally sourced, food - some grown in their own garden.  Loud (unless you are sitting outside), kinda hip.  On the back side of the Baldwin Hills Mall parking lot.  3767 Santa Rosalia Dr.  See you there, soon.


Hunter said...

I want to go pretty badly - Maverick's Flat sounds like a nifty place.

millie grant said...

CJ's coffee shop on la brea as well as west pico, nice clean place for mexican, american, soul food etc. Service is good, and place is always crowded. (The one on pico). Check it out