Saturday, January 23, 2010

USC Wagons Part 1

A flock of gourmet food trucks have come to roost near USC, typically staking out positions along Jefferson and Hoover, beginning in the afternoons.

The Bull Kogi Truck offers Mexican-Korean fusion, tacos and burritos.  I tried the Kimchi beef, and spicy chicken tacos.  Neither was impressive.  While the beef was nicely smokey-sweet, the kimchi was wilted, without the zesty garlic redolence that might a great contrast make.

The Slice Truck, orange in color, endears with the simplest of menus: cheese slice, or pepperoni.
The cheese slice boasts an extremely thin crust, crispy and even, end to end.  Garnished with fresh basil and mozarella, it earns my recommendation.  A single slice is $3, but two can be had for $5.

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